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Large companies with many servers or just normal Joe Average American in need of help.  No job is too large or too small.  Experience, product and service to and for everyone.

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This is the internet home of Professional computer services by Geek on Call 24 7, Rod Romo Owner/Lead Engineer.  We are available for all types of computer, server and networking issues.  Our emphasis is on Microsoft products but we also have experience working on Apple and Linux products as well.

We have a very broad area of expertise ranging from Windows servers of all flavors, including migration & Exchange support, to top notch virus removal with NO data loss and, of course, networking in any environment.  We are “user friendly geeks” that are good at both communicating with... and LISTENING to the client.  We also enjoy performing a wide range of consulting needs… If you have a question, any question, we want to know.  No job too big, no job too small and no elitist attitude to irritate you.  We feel that your needs as a customer, whether you need a simple printer install, or a mail server migration, are our privilege to be able to work on with you. 

Your needs are our needs

Your schedule is our schedule

We are just a phone call away.

Rod Romo

Computer/ IT Engineer

Geek On Call 247

11 Flame Ct.

Pacheco Ca. 94553

To contact us:

Phone: 925-768-1877

Text:  925-768-1877  (Customer use only)

Fax:  925-520-4855


Google Talk:  rodromo

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